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A+ Beads and A+ Gel

100% Aloe Vera Beads for Cosmetic Products

Aloe Beads Close Up

What is it?

ESP A+ Beads and ESP A+ Gel is a concentrated natural material that can be used as a replacement for synthetic gellants. They are available in a variety of color INCIs

The unique aloe beads are stable in water and surfactent systems, yet disperce fully under shear. The beads completely liquify during use in surfactant self foamers, pump mist atmoizers or direct apply products. The beads are completely consumed during use. No beads will pile up at the bottom.

A+ Gel is an all natural potentially NOP organic after sun cooling gel. Unlike commercial synthetically gelled after sun products ESP A+ gelled formulas don't drag on drying. This is specifically good for promoing healing and cooling on sunburned skin.

How it works

The A+ Beads do not have a shell, residue or debris. When used through a sprayer or a pump or foamer the beads completely atomize. The natural Aloe moisturizing benefits encased in the gel are released providing all the skin moisturizing, soothing and healing propeties commonly associated with Aloe Vera and Algin.

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