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Since August 2000 Earth Supplied Products has been dedicated to providing you with new and unique ingredients from around the world. In May 2007 we became one of the first and only Personal Care raw material suppliers to achieve certification by the USDA as an NOP Producer, Handler, and Processor. We have the largest selection of NOP Organic and NPA Natural ingredients (over 200) in the Personal Care industry. Our commitment to supplying you with the finest functional organic and natural materials is reflected in our memberships in the Natural Products Association, the Organic Trade Association, and our full participation in the European R.E.A.C.H. program. Through these associations we promise to supply you with high quality and sustainable natural products.

Realizing Organic and Natural formulations were in dire need of functional ingredients, we decided to make them ourselves. Over the last six years we have created revolutionary, state of the art NOP certified Organic emulsifiers and surfactants; as well as pioneered the use of Hurdle Technology to remove the need for preservatives. We are proud to bring you our ESP Organic SafeEmuls, ESP Organic SafeBase, ESP Organic SafeSurf, and ESP SafeGuard materials.

But it doesn't end there...In 2010 we partnered with Capsulent, the inventors of the recently patented Thin Skin Encapsulation technology. Our Kerabead® and Vegabead® encapsulates have revolutionized the fields of hair care/repair and sunscreen protection. Check out our Products/Encapsulation tab to learn how to fix hair damage- including split ends and frizzies- stabilize your active ingredients while improving performance, and how to double your SPF UV Absorption.

Since 2003 we have represented Dupont BioPolymers world class line of Avicels® (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Gelcarins® & Viscarins® (Carrageenans), and Manucol® & Protanals® (Alginates). These highly functional emulsion stabilizers, gel formers, foam boosters, and performance enhancers have proven indispensable in all types of formulas from lotions to sunscreens, body washes to shampoos, and foundations to mascaras.

All of this and much more has led us to be recognized repeatedly by INC. Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing companies in the US. We have presented information and spoken at meetings and conferences across the country and are providing our products to customers around the world. Let us show you how we can help you achieve your formulation goals.

ESP Natural Ingredients Facility. ESP Natural Ingredients Facility.
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