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100% natural and safe plastic bead replacement

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What is it?

Spherical or ground polyethylene beads with a particle size of 125-700 microns are probably the most common scrubbing beads currently used. There is, however, a current growing need to remove these materials from products due to their tendency to float and not be removed in sewage treatment plants.

ESP's Hydrogenated Vegetable Beads are 100% biodegradable, making them the perfect solution as an alternative for plastic beads.

How it works

With recent discoveries of synthetic beads polluting bodies of water and being ingested by marine life, manufacturers have recognized the need to eliminate them all together. Exfoliating scrubs and gels are probably among the most efficacious skin care products currently sold and provide an immediate consumer perceived improvement in skin feel and texture. These products can be used daily or several times a week depending on the type of exfoliant used. Colored beads in clear body washes also can provide a visual product signal.

Exfoliation is normally accomplished by using natural or synthetic based powders that have varying abrasive properties depending on amount used, shape, hardness, and particle size. Soft to moderate beads are normally the best for facial products, while mild to moderate particles should be used in body products. Generally moderate to hard particles are only used on products for the feet or hands.