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ESP SafeGuard WS Clear

Organic Shelf Life Extender

What is it?

ESP SafeGuard WS Clear is a low cost, water-soluble, natural, EcoCert & NPA certified, FDA & GRAS approved natural ingredient with excellent skin soothing, fragrance, and Antimicrobial Hurdle Technology (AHT) properties. It does not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, sulfates, or quaternary compounds.

When used properly in a formula, AHT processes and ingredients can ensure all pathogens are eliminated or rendered harmless in the final product.

How it works

Microbial Bacteria Close Up

ESP SafeGuard WS Clear works synergistically with other hurdles to disrupt microbial homeostasis; thereby preventing the microorganisms from multiplying and causing them to remain inactive or die.

ESP SafeGuard WS Clear is heat and pH stable. It can be added directly to the water in surfactant formulas or after the thickeners are dispersed in creams and lotions. It is functional over a wide pH range (<4 - >9) in any hydrous formulation including emulsions – oil-in-water and water-in-oil, and surfactant formulas. AHT performance can be seen in many of our prototype formulas.

What is AHT?

In the 1970’s Food companies needed an all-natural alternative to synthetic preservatives. Antimicrobial Hurdle Technology (AHT) was developed to employ clever combinations of synergetic formulation “hurdles”. This created an inhospitable environment for microorganisms in a safe, reliable, natural, and ultimately ‘unpreserved’ product.

Commonly used hurdles are temperature, water activity, acidity, redox potential, ethanol, and ultra-high pressure. Crucial to the success of AHT is the impact it has on the homeostasis, metabolic exhaustion, and/or stress reactions of microorganisms.

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