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Charged Film Microcapules for Hair Care

What is it?

Really really small beads that repair damaged hair follicles and split ends.

The beads are called microcaptules and are a complex of natural alginate and or keratin polymers. The walls of the beads are permeable, which increase delivery effectivness and has no gritty or rigid feel.

Human hair Close up VegaBead Close Up
VegaBead Close Up
microcaptules in reperative action

How it works

A single drop of our standard encap Vegabead® and Kerabead® products contains more than a billion encapsulated beads. These beads adhere to the charge-rich amino acid surface of damanged hair. As the product dries, the beads pack tightly and attach to eachother within the damaged area. Tensile forces visibly close structural gaps and the beads release a protective layer on the hair shaft. The skin then forms a thin reparative protein patch and the cuticle is restored to a flexible integrity, leaving the hair feeling like new.

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Human hair Close up
Treated with VB Conditioner
Human hair Close up
Treated with VB Shampoo
Human hair Close up
Hair Damaged from Peroxide

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